“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deganit both in-person at Nuurvana and through my participation in the ongoing NuIt telecourse. Both methods of healing are equally exceptional, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Working worth Deganit has been game changing and life/purpose affirming.  I continue to improve everyday and have the courage and self confidence to make bold moves both personally and professionally.” – J.M.

Learn how easily YOU can tap into your intuition and watch as your life reflects back to you all the magic that lies within YOU!

Nu IT, pronounced, “Knew It!” is short for the Nuurvana Intuitive Training program.

Do you feel like you have limited power over your life? Better yet, how about your feelings – are they the boss of your life? Do you think self-confidence and intuition is for some but not for all?

Have you ever walked around looking at people like, “How come they’re so lucky and why’d I get dealt this hand?”

Ever have those “hindsight’s 20/20” moments where you’re beating yourself up over something that seems so obvious now?



Icon1 Heal and Release All That Is No Longer of Service to You.

That ex that you can’t stop thinking about? Those reoccurring patterns you can’t shake? Got some habits you’re a bit ashamed of? That childhood experience that’s limiting you from actualizing your full potential? Imagine all that gone! And not through hours of therapy or agony – simply by creating new neuropathways and energy pathways through a whole lot of fun and discovery. Out with the old, in with the new!

Icon1 Give You the Confidence to Empower You to Dream Big and Actualize Your Dreams!

During these phone calls, we’ll be peacefully slipping into the theta brain waves. This is where the magic is at. This is one of the very few forms of meditation that will take you to this deep level of relaxation. It’s only from this level that we’re even able to reprogram our subconscious minds to fully love ourselves, believe in ourselves and increase our self-worth. This is an experiential course. You won’t be thinking, analyzing, self-judging, feeling discouraged, triggering past failures or fears or any of that fun stuff that tends to hold us back from fully self-actualizing.

You’ll simply be observing cool images and experiencing them in your body as well. You’ll be using parts of your brain that have never been used before. You’ll be connecting with parts of your consciousness that you didn’t even know existed. And it’s from this realm of infinite possibilities that you’ll unlock all the many wonderful experiences that are already available for your current life experience right here and now.

In a 1996 study at The University of Chicago by Dr. Blastlotto, the efficacy of visualization (all we do in Nu IT) was measured and it was REMARKABLE!  Basketball was used as the measurable outcome.  The measurable improvement of the group that purely visualized (23% improvement) was the same as the group that physically practiced (24% improvement)!  Which is why we visualize to materialize in this course!  It’s the very concept timeless books such as, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill (Warren Buffet’s bible) are based on, as it really works! 

Icon1 Offer You Easy Direct Access to Your Intuition.

You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to have a direct line to your intuition. No more wondering, seeking advice or feeling stuck. Just clarity and direction. Simply close your eyes and use your tools to gain profound insight into some of life’s most difficult situations.

Icon1 Support and Guide You Every Step of the Way!

Besides me cheering you on and personally answering any questions you may have, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook community that’s taking the course with you! Lots of other intuitives to discuss your experience with and both offer and receive support.

*This phone course is designed so you may hop on or off at any time. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any point throughout this on-going course.*

2017 Syllabus:

The first Monday of every month is our Basics Call, where we’ll be learning Golden Suns, Grounding Cords, Grounding Locations, Reading Screens, and Center of Your Head meditations. These are the essentials we’ll need for every single new tool we learn.

The second Monday is our New Tool Call, when I’ll introduce you to new material such as the Astral Plane, Spirit Guides, Manifestation Techniques, Running Energies, Separation Tools, and so much more! For a schedule of new tools, see our “events” calendar.

The third Monday is our Review & Reading Call, when we’ll review everything we’ve learned AND unmute our phones and psychically read one another! That’s right, it’s a psychic practice party every month!

The fourth Monday is our Seance Call, when we’ll call in any spirit beings that have passed and gain some insights from them! In case you’re spooked, this is totally optional and it’s super easy and FUN! Promise!

The fifth Monday (on those special months when there is one) will be our Study Hall Call. This is your chance to create any type of sacred space you wish with your fellow psychics! You can practice your favorite tools, meditate together, and share the love!