Getting Back to Center – Exploding Roses

Ever wake up with a great outlook, feeling confident you’re going to have a terrific day, and then at some point throughout it you suddenly realize you’ve fallen off track? This happens to all of us. And why shouldn’t it?

The Truth Will Find You

A few weeks ago, I went to a special screening of The Matrix and got my entire life. This is not hyperbole. When I tell you I LOVE that movie… Saw it 16 times in theaters and it continues to …

Remembering Your Power

There is a divine intelligence in everything around us. We are that.

I have been seeing lots of clients and friends searching for the answers to their biggest soul questions in healers, crystals, shamans, and psychics. Here’s a little secret

Bask Fearlessly!

I’ve been hearing lots of talk about people listening to their feelings and honoring them. Times have been unusually rocky for many of us lately, and some of us are recognizing anxiety and depression we have never experienced before. Others …

Retrograde Rendezvous


If you’re reading this near time of publication, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus are all currently retrograde, which is fairly large deal for reasons I won’t go into here since: a) a smooth web run will reward you

Ignite Your Life!

Oh, hello Spring! How you doing? Spring is always my favorite time of year for quite a few reasons. For one, the bustling Yang energy is finally surfacing, providing the most excellent atmosphere to IGNITE YOUR LIFE! It’s all about

Manifestation Starter Kit

Beautiful tribe! 

Spring is here! When stepping outside, you’ll notice beautiful flowers in bloom and nature awakening from its deep hibernation. We are nature becoming aware of itself, meaning this is the season of NEW BEGINNINGS, manifesting, and materializing!


Your Own Personal Spring

What is it about the first day of spring? Not the official first day, but that day when you suddenly notice that spring is on its way. It’s that day when, for the first time in a long time, you …

My Ace, Anger

As a li’l, I had a reputation of being Good. Obedient, self-contained, the most consistent behavioral complaint I got was that I laughed too much (true story). I have specific memories of overhearing adults remarking to my mother that it …