Hello, Wonderful!

My name is Deganit Nuur.

I’m a licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist, clairvoyant intuitive, and meditation instructor. I’m also the head of your health and happiness cheerleading squad. Thank you so much for stopping by our site!

I attended the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and have effectively treated thousands of cases, including illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and autoimmune disorders. I have also treated chronic physical ailments, such as paralysis and neuropathy, with miraculous results.

I believe there’s a spiritual component to every manifestation of disease. I combine my talents and skills to help patients heal and discover their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves. I am moved to tears with every major breakthrough and filled with pride every time my clients report phenomenal results in their health, well-being, inner-peace, career, personal relationships, etc.

I’ve always been intuitive, and people have always been attracted to my innate healing abilities even before I knew precisely how they worked. I began my meditation practice at age eighteen, and have been providing clairvoyant readings since twenty-five. I’ve also been alive since I was born, an experience that has afforded me a wealth of existential lessons. In other words, I am human as well, have been through the fire and I can recognize your pain. The great gift of this work is that I can also help you learn from and release your pain. And with the Meditation Nation tools I teach, you can learn about and command your healing abilities and advance your wellness even further.

I founded Nuurvana in 2010 and have seen profound results since day one. I love this work. I trust the process of life and the natural healing process that exists within each and every one of us and look forward to building your trust in the process as well. I know this may all sound very serious. It IS some serious work we’ll be doing, but it’s also a lot of FUN!!! I’m all about joy and my goal is always to infuse dark with LIGHT. So, prepare for laughter, chitchat, and to let it all hang out. It’s pretty much my favorite kind of party.

Much Love, Light & Insight,
Deganit Nuur, LAc


“I am happy to highly recommend Deganit for intuitive acupuncture services. When considering working with a healer, there are two main questions to answer: 1) is the healer good (competent/professional/available), and 2) is the chemistry right? Deganit is definitely good – no question. Her approach as a healer, of listening intuitively before applying a treatment, is both unique and effective. And her style? Enthusiastic, warming, emotionally supportive and overflowing with love. Again, I highly recommend Deganit for intuitive acupuncture – you’ll be lucky if you can book her.”

– Jason Wisdom, NYC






My name is Ilka Pinheiro.

I’ve been tight with the uncanny since before I can remember. My first friend was a ghost named Dwayne who wore bell-bottom pants and an afro the size of a basketball. People assumed he was my imaginary friend; I allowed it because I was a generous kid. I began my official exploration of the paranormal at age seven (with a copy Edgar Cayce’s On Reincarnation – Dwayne’s recommendation), and weird occurrences, vivid dreams, and insight from unseen sources were old hat by the time I entered middle school.

However, by 2010, the adventure of becoming an adult mired me in the muck of a dissatisfying existence – my life was living me. Desperate for transformation, I gifted myself a birthday session with Deganit. Just a little looksee, I told myself, some help with course correction. It’s not like a psychic reading will make anything worse.

Famous last words.

Within days, my life as I knew it started falling apart in a domino effect of spectacular upheaval. I was crazed and emotional for months, but over time, I realized I’d lived through almost three decades of utter crap. Over more time, I realized I’m 100% grateful for every second of it.

I’ve since earned a Masters Degree from Columbia University and my certification in the Nuurvana Method. I’ve undergone a major, life-changing surgery, and I’ve renewed my relationships with all my loved ones, including myself, with intention and authenticity. The Meditation Nation tools I learned were not just instrumental in the process, I daresay I wouldn’t be here without them. I’ve given over a hundred intuitive readings, I’m one of the original NuIT subscribers, and I’m currently the organizer of Psychic Happy Hour.

Thank you for trusting me to assist you in your healing journey. I truly believe in these tools, and it’s my honor to share them with you, because they are so powerful, this healing is so real, and you are so worth it. Let’s remember our greatness together.

Shine on,


“I don’t know what I would do without my regular sessions with Ilka! She is the real deal – a world-class intuitive guide and spiritual healer. Her clairvoyant readings are always helpful, and areas where I’m feeling stuck immediately shift following her guidance. The best part is that I don’t have to be there in person! As a traveling artist, I can book phone sessions and take her with me everywhere I go!”

Jenny W., Los Angeles, CA






My name is Tim Murphy.

I am a clairvoyant intuitive certified in the Nuurvana Method, and I am thrilled to be part of the Nuurvana team!

In addition to being a healer, I am a researcher, writer, and teacher. I love language and culture and connecting with others. I’m originally from the Midwest but have moved around lots, both within the U.S. and abroad. I am passionate about seeing the world through different lenses—a process that, I find, lends itself quite well to doing intuitive readings.

Intuitives can receive messages in numerous ways – through visions, sounds, smells, and feelings. Messages come strongest to me in visual form – i.e. clairvoyance, meaning “clear vision.” I like to share what I see with my clients, so we can take the journey together, looking into whatever they are interested in exploring.

What I love most about giving readings is that all beings involved receive a healing. I read clients at their highest potential with the intention of helping them along their paths of self-actualization. By connecting with clients as co-creators in the healing process, all parties leave feeling healed, refreshed, and ready to move forward along their paths.

Some things to know about the type of readings I do:

  • The reading is an active experience among all parties involved. That’s right! You’re part of the healing process. I will talk with you about what I see and ask you questions. And the more open and trusting you are about the process, the more I will be able to see!
  • I read my clients from the space where destiny and free will intersect. In my sessions, I’m guiding you towards your highest self and helping you actualize your greatest possibilities. Nothing is set in stone; energy is in constant motion, and you’re an active player in that motion!
  • Everything I see in the reading is what YOU show ME. You give me permission to tap into your highest self, and I will be able to see only what your highest self is ready to reveal to you.
  • What is revealed during the reading may resonate with you right away or may take a couple of weeks. I recommend trusting the process and letting the healing do its work on its own clock.

I look forward to connecting with you!

With love and light,





Hello gorgeous!

My name is Margarita Russolello.

I am the Administrative Guru here at Nuurvana, and I am beyond touched to be one of your beloved Nuurvana Spirit Guides!

It is truly my intention that every being live their most fulfilled, self-expressed, and blissful life possible, and I am committed to making that your reality. From scheduling your sessions to offering you hugs to supporting your healing process through recordings and supplements, I am your go-to girl for all things Nuurvana!

I am currently involved a profound process of training, soaking in every aspect of the healing arts possible. I am obtaining my Master of Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to become an acupuncturist and herbalist. Through PCOM, I have interned at the Institute for Family Health, and will soon be entering the Labor & Delivery Unit of NYU Lutheran Hospital. I am also studying clairvoyance (with yours truly!), shamanic reiki, birth/post-partum and end-of-life doula work, yoga, and dance with some of the city’s most renowned practitioners.

I have experienced the many manifestations of clairvoyance since I was a young child, as someone raised in a deeply spiritual and empathic family. Prior to this field, I have had a long history as a professional dancer, activist, and social worker, and I plan to bring Dance Medicine into my future practice. I am deeply passionate about justice and community-building, and have led movement-based healing activities at domestic violence shelters, youth centers, dance studios, and nonprofits.

I could not be more excited to be of service to you at Nuurvana where I feel so perfectly aligned with our mission. My whole heart and soul are on this journey right alongside you, and I am humbled to watch you evolve and ascend! This moment is a dream come true and I love sharing it all with YOU!

Love and light,






My name is Bentley.

I am your friendly, gentle healer. I will eagerly welcome you with kisses and tail wags the moment I lay eyes on you!

Feel free to pick me up, pet me, carry me like a baby or do whatever you heart desires with me.  Your wish is my command.  Please also express your boundaries and I will honor them (though I feel more like a little old man, I acknowledge  I’m a dog and that my species isn’t everyone’s cup of tea).

During your sessions with Deganit, I’ll shower you with love and honor all your feelings – whether they are conscious ones or not.  While it may appear like I’m just taking a nap, that’s me on the astral plane putting my healing powers to work.

I specialize in facilitating self-compassion and self-acceptance.  It’s my gift. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Be well,
B.F. Jaymes